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Nishchal's words collectively are a plan, not mere independent posts.
For real action towards a mission to empower fundamentally, those, who have the will to do something out of the ordinary.

The below sounds, written words and videos arranged in ascending order, as a timeline from 2015 to 2022, express the above words of Nishchal in greater detail from his own mouth, but in not such great detail as will be expressed in Preseed Essays by 2024.

 Preseed Essays +   Preseed Admin - Nishchal's essays,video monologues,video descriptions and discussions across the depths of life, justice, god, innovation, waves, non-matter, politics, his products, and his organisations .
"Through Preseed Essays , I want to bring more clarity to the public conversation on what’s really happening in the world. Too much of the public discussion is focused either on the wrong issues stemming from past (madhya kaal/middle age of India) or is extremely confused to ever get to discuss the future that science fiction has always revealed as, coming. People are flooded by enormous amounts of repetitive information of ancient past, which they don’t know how to make sense of, so they just do what the herd does, follow each other, blindly, and mostly in surrender to only their egos.

I see my mission as bringing clarity to the public discussion especially in terms of focusing people’s attention on the most important questions that will confront us in 5 years. Question and not answers, for I don’t have all the answers. The important thing is, to agree about the questions. For questions will set the tone of our discourse for the sake of a better future.

There are 10 big challenges to humankind in the 21st century-

1. the nuclear war,
2. climate change,
3. technological disruption,
4. pathetic criminal justice system,
5. the selfish capitalism (not, modified capitalism) or mindless consumerism,
6. representative democracy,
7. media accountability,
8. no universal basic income,
9. parenting,
10. and education system.

These should be the first 10 items on the political agenda of every country. If I have to mention one more it would be — Yoga, for finding tranquility amidst turbulence,. My essays are about these and more.

I will continue to add my own videos through my Youtube channel called Preseed Admin too in these essays, at the right places, so as to put my thoughts in an all rounded perspective for even the least intelligent.

"I have requested you to read the descriptions on youtube of each video.

In totality, my effort on this essay are made up of about 60000+ words. So, if you go through them you will go through, say, 12+ Chapters worth of reading to understand, how serious we are about changing the world around you — through the culmination of it all into codes to make that change as is expressed in the essays. If you can finish a small book of 12 chapters in 1 week, amidst your busy schedule, you can finish this too in one week.

It is a work in progress. I expect to finish it by 2024". - Nishchal.

On #Education & #Productivity reforms, Nishchal has done a lot of novel R&D silently already. Please see thoroughly to get a glimpse of it. In #JudicialSystem #PoliceReforms #Democracy #religion he is still enquiring from a place of an atheist who values tech-oriented future more than a myth induced history. Although, he himself is neither an atheist, nor a theist. Nishchal says, "For writing, the role paper plays, god playa that role of a backdrop for ethereal waves of our mind. For ethereal waves are so subtle, only a backdrop made of nothing, no qualities, no attributes can become that backdrop"l. So, god is not. This not is god. This not is. This is non-matter. This non interfering non-matter is god.
Nishchal is one who is not afraid to call a spade a spade, and a flake a flake. When he learns the truth, he is not afraid to call you out on your non-sense in such times of victimhood and judgment, where a man with no voice is appreciated among citizens, friends, and family more than a man with the affirmative voice of critical intelligence.
Till our tech products are built to his satisfaction, Our Youtube channel, Preseed Admin is his gift to the critical thinking children of the same friends & family. Make sure your children dig through each word on Preseed websites & videos if you care about inducing in them, #courage & #compassion through #science & #truth as much as you have cared about education through degrees and your parents have cared about politics through dogmas. Temples, mosques, churches, and religions generally, at least the way they are projected now, are not the solutions, or say, were solutions once perhaps, that are now completely destroyed by the current political narrative in most parts of the world. The net result of his videos and products we hope leads to, some contribution towards the inevitable death of most ists/isms, ideologies and disbelief in some religions of the past - making way for just simple #meditation, with new seeming contradictions; wishfully the only remaining isms - science/tech-ism & #minimalism, simultaneously. All this because, Nishchal is solving a personal problem, but sincerely enough, that the solution may impact the whole world someday. The reward for genuine sincerity, often, is such. Nishchal is building his social networking app Chattodo keeping all these issues in mind. This project is worth decades more of sweat and time.

Nishchal’s mission of greater freedom to billions of people, spoken in the language of particles/atoms vibrating in ether for the first time by him in a heat of a moment.

This video is a monologue by Nishchal to his sister, Neha, around 2015 on a difficult day, to rid him of family's expectations so he can get the wings to do the boundless he is talking about through his words and links planted on this webpage. This video is a testimony to the fact that it does take a certain intensity to turn on, tune in, and drop out; of family and peer based normal structures/boundaries. We all can do it, so long as we are truthful, and for that reason transparent and unabashed. This video is for the Indian ambitious middle class imperfect mid 20 youth, like Nishchal was. At times, rash, in a hurry, but with a right heart. It's the rhythm of that heart which, he says, has helped him fix his shortcomings.

Some of Nishchal's other voice notes can be heard, here, here and here. We highly recommend you to hear them all.

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Prime Minister

This is the first time in the history of the world that someone has been able to express themselves oblivious to the fact that some day in the near future they may have to take the position of the prime minister of their country. All this personality and character from 10 plus years of the past as a student to a traveller to an entreprenuer will suddenly be seen by the pblic to help make that decision. Only the most obliviously catalysingly fluid being, naturally designed from origins, for THE JOB, will emerge victorious. Please go and judge our man. But, not incompletely. What Nishchal is conveying is of large proportions and potential consequences. Nishchal deserves patient and structured reading/listening over months.

Nishchal's or our posts

After you have gone through the above, go through our Youtube channel, called, Preseed Admin, and Twitter entirely. The above Instagram posts are only till 6/4/2022. While there are Instagram posts by him, post 6th as well, bolder ones. Initiate dialogues with Nishchal there or anywhere, by commenting, so we all collectively learn more through each other's comments. His words + Preseed would have been a profound book if it wasn't for social media and software. Anyway, you are getting an opportunity to build your future prime minister from scratch. So, do participate. This excercise will give you that which many books combined can't give, from the realms of FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE, already.