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Nishchal's Instagram is of consequence. It is the doorway to various nodes insides Nishchal's mind. Start knowing Nishchal from his Instagram posts compiled for you below in ascending order. Below is a lot of content, so, you better leave a mark by pressing the like if you like Nishchal's IG content. This will help you indicate for yourself with that red like button marker, the point you left reading at when you were last on this page. The below sounds, written words and videos , as a timeline from 2019 to 2022, express Nishchal fairly well from his own mouth, but in not such great detail as will be expressed in Preseed Essays (PE), specially when you arrive at PE Chapter 3, organically, with a sincere intent to know Nishchal, by 2024.

Preseed ecell's Locations as Nishchal's back drop can also be seen here.

Nishchal's Instagram

Along with Nishchal's Facebook photos and descriptions from 2008 onwards will reveal a lot more to you about him.
Explore the pages he runs on Linked and Facebook too, to know him more. The photo albums from the Facebook page of Preseed show our beginnings.

Prime Minister

This is the first time in the history of the world that someone has been able to express themselves oblivious to the fact that some day in the near future they may have to take the position of the prime minister of their country. All this personality and character from 10 plus years of the past as a student to a traveller to an entreprenuer will suddenly be seen by the pblic to help make that decision. Only the most obliviously catalysingly fluid being, naturally designed from origins, for THE JOB, will emerge victorious. Please go and judge our man. But, not incompletely. What Nishchal is conveying is of large proportions and potential consequences. Nishchal deserves patient and structured reading/listening over months.

Nishchal's or our posts

After you have gone through the above, go through our Youtube channel, called, Preseed Admin, and Twitter entirely. The above Instagram posts are only till 6/4/2022. While there are Instagram posts by him, post 6th as well, bolder ones. Initiate dialogues with Nishchal there or anywhere, by commenting, so we all collectively learn more through each other's comments. His words + Preseed would have been a profound book if it wasn't for social media and software. Anyway, you are getting an opportunity to build your future prime minister from scratch. So, do participate. This excercise will give you that which many books combined can't give, from the realms of FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE, already.