About The Nishchal Foundation

The Nishchal foundation is a section 8, non profit. It is being built to provide food, home and assistance services to exceptionally long term founders.

We offer such EA (Executive Assistant) Service by Gencosys as our free sewa to the genius and soulful founders that truly have humanity at their heart, and not money:

We are able to handle the all types compliances in an organization inclding the Banking & Cloud Data/ Documentation handling (Google Drive/ One Drive/ DropBox).

We design responsive and develop great websites to support & promote your brand/business with higher results, we are confident in each modern technology to work on it.

We support & provide the best cloud computing & monitoring services to improve the flexibility and scalability of IT services of our clients to delivered to their end users to live 24x7.

However to provide them worthy home, office and food, we need your support.


We are a team handpicked by a leader made of many experiences that most of us can't imagine surviving.

That leader is Nishchal himself.

True to his name, which means, ethereal stillness, we are expanding the horizon of our minds. We actually see him as a leader that not only us, but the whole world needs. In order to help him become that, we are acquiring the skills we don't have.

So far Gencosys has been strictly a tech company made of geeks with little focus on humanities. Now we are learning about everything from how Nishchal's techology will improve the education system in the world and how our coordinated effort in the next 10 years can even improve the politics in India. We are going all in as his EA to support this great man on a mission.

What is the extent to which we are going all in? We have established a not for profit foundation called The Nishchal Foundation to empower Nishchal further in his desire to serve society, far beyond the scope of his business.

Our mission:

To free Nishchal's time from trivialities. We don't want to have him ever worry about the cost of his food, shelter, clothing, travel and our assistance. It costs us about Rs. 2 Lakh per month to deliver all of this to Nishchal.


The Executive Assistant Team by Gencosys

S. K. Gupta

Team Head EA

Sakshi Choudhary

Web Developer

Deepak Sharma

Company Secretary

You may be here?.

Coming Soon!

Imagine The Nishchal foundation as if a Preseed anything lab. If it is good for democracy, constitution and love, and can't be done as a business for good in Preseed's perspective, it will be done here at The Nishchal Foundation.

While this is a NGO,
Nishchal runs an altristic business too.
It is called Preseed . It is to conduct himself well in business, he chose to walk the path of Dharma. All else will be done for good in Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd. This is a world of capitalsm. Period. To the new capitalist we want to say that if Nishchal is successful, he will teach you the altuistic way of capitalism. Haven't we seen enough of how the narratives stated by state and judiciary may effects us adversly? The role a new social network can play is what he has betted 13 years of his life upon. 1 more year to go before its launch. It's a business that can make democracy eveolve from a representative form to a more direct form. Nishchal is buiding that product. That is why we wish to empower him in this strucured way. Our collective contribution to the would could be, offering it, this man.

(Currently our plate is full in servicing him. It is also in this process of servicing him that we are acquiring extraordinary skills to be a worthy EA to such ambitious entrepreneurs. We will open our doors to more entrepreneurs in 2021).

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"A highest quality I seek is this in fellow humans. That is the man I am. My work of the last ten years is a testimony to that, against odds". - Nishchal

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